Madonna: Music Album Review

Music was Madonna’s 8th studio album and was released in 2000. It was the follow up to Ray of Light, so no pressure!

For Music, Madonna worked with the French electronic dance producer Mirwais Ahmadzai (known as just Mirwais). Madonna became aware of Mirwais due to him sending her his demo and she was very impressed. Madonna also worked with Ray of Light’s William Orbit.

The first single was Music, a fun dance song about how music makes the world come together (I bet you’re singing it now like me). The video featured Madonna and her friends on a wild night out being driven around by comedian Ali G. Madonna is dressed in a fur coat and a cowboy hat, with lots of bling. They look like they’re having a lot of fun!

The second single released was Don’t Tell Me. This song is definitely one of my favourite Madonna songs ever. I just love it, I love the sweeping violins and the beat as well as the lyrics. She co-wrote it with Mirwais and her brother-in-law Joe Henry. I love the video too where you think she’s walking on a highway in the desert but when the camera pans out, she’s actually on a treadmill in front of a screen. I love how she looks in this video. There’s some handsome cowboys dancing behind her too, it’s got some good choreography! I’m going to sound really morbid now but I love Don’t Tell Me so much, I’d like it played at my funeral. I’ve told my husband this but it was ages ago so I’ll have to remind him when I’ve finished this!

The last single released was a dance version of What It Feels Like For A Girl. The video features Madonna and an elderly woman driving around causing havoc. It’s quite violent so MTV didn’t show it till after 9pm. It was directed by Guy Ritchie, her husband at the time. I really wish she’d released a video for the album version, it’s such a beautiful powerful song about how girls / young women have to play a role. They have to be pretty but not too sexy, clever but not too intelligent. It’s still relevant for my 17 year old daughter now as it was for my 19 year old self 21 years ago. It starts off with the voice of Charlotte Gainsbourg from the British film The Cement Garden and Madonna sings the song beautifully.

Music is a mixture of dance, pop, country and folk music. I love every song although my favourites are Impressive Instant (the lyrics are crazy), I Deserve It (about Guy Ritchie – this Guy was made for me) and Paradise (Not For Me). The album also features Madonna’s version of Don McLean’s American Pie, taken from her movie The Next Best Thing featuring Rupert Everett.

Music is one of my favourite Madonna albums, it still sounds as good now as it did 21 years ago (in my humble opinion).

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